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Managed Print Services

What are Managed Print Services?

ABDick IPS will help you manage your copier fleet and all printing needs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) involves managing hardcopy device fleets (copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and fax machines) in a unified fashion. While this can be done internally, the term is typically associated with outsourcing the fleet to an external vendor. There are typically three stages in the customers adoption of outsourcing:

1) Control: During this phase MPS implementations are focused upon gaining control of the fleet.

2) Optimize: At this point, the implementation is focused upon optimizing the fleet by trying to ensure that hardcopy assets are deployed in the optimal manner.

3) Enhance: In the final phase, customers move beyond optimization of the fleet to actually enhancing the capabilities of the fleet by using document management and document workflow to improve basic business processes such as processing loan applications, or other paper intensive processes.

This area is a subset of the broader Managed Services market, although MPS has unique applications for the organization. Managed Print Services could be considered part of the cloud computing movement, an emphasis on reducing an organization’s capital expenditures and freeing IT to focus on core initiatives.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) vary in size, abilities, and hardware/software supported. A vendor centric provider would be one such as Ricoh or Okidata, or any other company that also manufactures hardware and supplies. Historically these Managed Print Services providers tend to be hardware centric and focused, requiring the employing organization to replace hardware however the larger players are moving more and more to the service lead element, whereby hardware and solutions simply become the infrastructure to deliver the service.

Once a baseline is established, devices can be re-deployed and better utilized throughout the organization. The employing organization does not need to dispose of equipment or purchase any new equipment, because a vendor neutral company can work with any manufacturer. However, there is a very strong argument for the rationalisation of the printer estate and the standardisation of the print platform to a single vendor, thus ensuring that truly universal print drivers can be deployed across the organisation, driving considerable savings in terms of IT resource.

With decades of experience in the print management industry, we partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and service providers when it comes to all aspects of Managed Print Services and programs around Print Management. By working with us and our network of IT resellers, Office Supply Dealers, and Managed Services Providers, you are able to take advantage of a diverse portfolio of different Managed Print Services programs. With these choices in MPS offerings and our background in helping you evaluate the best solution for your environment, you have the confidence in knowing that you are getting the best managed print program for your business or organization.

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